A hero every customer wants and every company needs!

It’s no mystery that a well-balanced team, especially the one that is carefully premade to achieve victory, needs a dedicated support player. So, first, let’s cover the grounding that makes a dedicated support player be an essential part of every respected construct in the first place. In Eneba’s team, such position is granted for those most daring, those most compassionate, and of course, those most passionate for the game.

Eneba is all about customer satisfaction, highest quality of communication, and collaborative team effort to achieve feats extending far beyond the realm of ordinary pursuits. How do we do it? Well, we’ve got an entire squad of such dedicated customer support professionals ready to assist and accompany each interested individual from step 1 straight to step quality.

To be successful in this role, one must not only possess great knowledge of the day-to-day in-store purchase subtleties and gaming-specific nuances but also excel at being a master-communicator able to gain the customer’s trust and light his/her path to an extraordinary buying experience. Ultimately, the Customer Support Specialist ensures that the company’s reputation is at its highest, and customer satisfaction is left unmatched.

If you’ve read this and want to join our support brigade, don’t hesitate to apply!


  • Communicating with customers through internal messaging software and email
  • Chatting with customers on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Responding to customers’ social media posts and comments
  • Implementing the most effective problem-solving measures within a time limit
  • Providing technical support for customers
  • Ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction process
  • Ensuring the customer’s experience on Eneba is at its highest
  • Collecting feedback concerning Eneba

Job requirements

  • Prior experience in a similar field (e.g. experience with phone calls, live chats or customer service)
  • Good command of written and spoken English
  • Effective communication skills
  • Interest in e-sports and love for video games
  • Ability to collect and present the required information
  • Great time management skills
  • Ability to follow the schedule as well as work independently
  • A team-oriented mindset (Camaraderie)
  • Ability to work night shifts

Work perks

  • Being a part of Eneba’s Customer Support team
  • Opportunity to work on and help to scale a unique product (we consider Eneba as a living, breathing entity)
  • Personal and professional growth at an exponential rate
  • A community of like-minded professionals striving for a unified goal
  • Family-like team attitude and high motivation for success
  • Flexible hours, no unnecessary distractions
  • A modern and innovative company with a fresh attitude to ‘‘how it’s done’’
  • Startup vibe and hyper-growth
  • And all other neat stuff one expects to find in a well-structured office

Gross salary: €788 - €1050